The joylessness in JOY

joy movieHey lovers, and wanderlusters how is 2016 treating you so far?  If it’s anything like me, the month of January is spinning by too quickly already, so who knows what crazy ride we are all in for this year.

Finally, I went to see the movie JOY, one film that I’ve been wanting to see for some time. It’s classified as part comedy, part drama, part who the fuck knows?




Author’s note: This is NOT a review, more just a prattle on about a little movie that I thought… well… might bring me some joy.

I don’t usually see a film with expectations, but I guess I expected to come away from this film with a more of a ‘feel good’ feeling as it’s about a woman who defeats all odds to make a success of what she believes in, and despite all odds stays true to her passion while not losing her soul in the humdrum that has become her life. (not the official synopsis but my take on what I thought the film was about)

For the most part, I felt underwhelmed by the film although Jennifer Lawrence played her part superbly. De Niro and Isabella Rossilini were forgettable characters and Bradley Cooper delivered well on the big screen, but just left me plain – meh!de niro

bradley cooper




edgar ramiresEdgar Ramirez who plays Joy’s ex hubby was quite engaging and gave me some ‘Thank god, give me something gritty,’ moments.

But all in all, I felt the actors never really stepped into their characters and owned it with the exception of the lead, Jennifer Lawrence. And while I was underwhelmed by the delivery of this film, when I left the theatre, I felt completely overwhelmed with grief and sadness.

The impact of the film kinda hit me on my walk back home. I wandered the lonely streets feeling lonely or more accurately ALONE and while standing at the lights waiting for the green walking man, I found tears spilling from my eyes. Were they after affects of the film finally hitting home? A film that supposedly had its Hollywood happy ending, and here I was consumed with sadness OR were the tears running down my face actually from my own sadness, and the film was merely a catalyst and in some bizarre way had sparked something in me?

I’m still not sure on that one. If and when I decide otherwise, Ill let you know. Once in the privacy of my inner city pad, I did however feel inspired, in fact I had an overwhelming desire to cut my hair. So I did.

If any of you have seen this film, please feel free to comment away, as I’d love to know your thoughts.

Peace out ✌

xo Peace Warrior 

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