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Hey lovers and wanderlusters

I’m a bit late with my blog post, but I’m here nonetheless. I’ve just watched an episode of my favourite Aussie TV series Offspring and enjoying a glass of Sauvignon Blanc (make that 3) LOL hic…

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So, for the latest update on my self published short story, there’s been a delay. Hmmmm…It appears LIFE just simply got in the way. I don’t mind admitting I’m dealing with a few personal issues at the moment. Not necessary to go into what they are here, but know, that we are all struggling with something in our life at one time or another. I’m taking care of me and giving me the self care I need. Long walks, lie ins, dancing in my lounge room, on periscope and busker LOL – whatever it takes to shift the energy into a more positive vibe, I’m doing it 🙂

But…in the meantime, I’m still writing new material each week and this week alone, I wrote three (3) new poems which I debuted on Periscope (Spoken Word nights) where I perform once a week. I’m still livestreaming on a daily basis somewhere on the interwebz, so be sure to be following me by clicking any of the links below to stay connected.

Here’s one of my latest poems.

Photo credit: WyldPhotography


Fluid in nature
just beneath the skin
sewn between the confines within.

Break out sweat
drop out debt
fallen below poverty line
hanging out is just fine,
until the scream of the bullet
that takes over our lives,
bleeding out,
and fraught with fear.
Need to treasure all that is dear.

Lies mask the truth
of our stolen souls
moulded in plastic
redeemed in the factory
of the work place,
the safe place,
the forgotten place,
of our own disgrace.

Be wanton dear child,
Be free,
roam the earth
as though none has captured thee
it s not I that is the remedy
but you.

Open your ears,
your heart,
your eyes.
Stay true
Always be YOU.

~ Samira Wyld #AWyldLoveNote

Wishing you much love.

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Peace out 
xo Samira ~ Peace Warrior 

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