Seduced by Colour

Hey lovers and wanderlusters,

Check out the image on the left.  Yes, I fucking did it! I finally busted through the blocks. Excited much!

Back Story:
If you are following me on periscope you will know that I’ve been tracking my journey daily and have more recently recognised that I have had some resistance and creative blocks around publishing my short story, ‘Seduced by Colour’.

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Now, for this weeks poem from my Collection of Poetry
‘A Wyld Love Note’ due to be released later this year as an e-book and audio.

Until then my loves, Stay SEXY. Stay WYLD and be FREE.

Photo credit: Wyld Photography


Legs prickle,
Skin aches,
Passion waits.

Salty kisses,
On starlit nights,
And bleed,
into the hidden parts of me that no-one sees.

flares open my eyes,
It’s dark behind the wall you hold so close.

I climb in
Til my limbs are sore,
I breathe your skin,
Til I can stand no more,
Break me open,
The scar that was my face,
Leaves tracks upon my arms,
of rhythm and grace.

Leave me sour,
Leave me sore,
My body aches,
Always aches,
For more.

~ Samira Wyld         #AWyldLoveNote

Until next time. Wishing you much love.

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Peace out 
xo Samira ~ Peace Warrior 

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