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Delanna is captivated by the colour of saffron robes, the smell of sandalwood, and teak coming from the burning Ghats. The chromatic sounds of the sitar stir a haunting within her as she stands overlooking the funeral pyre within the holy city that is Varanasi.

This feeling of peace at one with life and death doesn’t last long when she becomes torn between the worlds of east meets west. Delanna is soon faced with a decision she doesn’t want to make, but if she doesn’t, the consequence will be greater than death itself.

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Until then my loves, Stay seXy. Stay wYld and be Free.

Now, for this weeks poem from my Collection of Poetry
‘A Wyld Love Note’ due to be released later this year as an e-book and audio.

Brand NEW – you heard it first…


From which there goes beyond
bounds no limits of transgression
into the pits of a worn out chair.

A chair with fabric ripped and torn
that’s witnessed years of hardship and scorn
Of love and magick too
And even a baby born.

The fabric that is blood stained
Tear stained
Of which a past, a life remains
weaves into the grains of cloth.
Chewed by rats,
Scratched by cats,
Dwells within the confines of a cardboard box
Beneath the bridge
of scarcity and people lost.

It’s a welcome mess of a life
Gone before
the stains of love, anger and pain
Quietly raw
Traveling akin
to the man who stands in the rain
And finds shelter within
the fabric that tells a thousand stories
and yet a thousand more
to the homeless and poor.

From which there goes beyond
Bounds no limits of transgression
into the pits of a worn out chair.
Abandoned in its despair
of memories that remain
into the never-where,
for this is no ordinary chair.

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Until next time. Wishing you much love.

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Peace out 
xo Samira ~ Peace Warrior 

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