My first time…

Hey lovers, what’s been happening? I keep in touch with a lot of you via instagram (my favourite social media platform) what’s yours?

More recently I’ve joined snapchat because it’s FUN. Who doesn’t need more fun in their life, right? Especially, now when it appears the world has gone crazy. Trust me lovers, and wanderlusters, it hasn’t. WE the artists, the story tellers, the light workers of the world are stepping up, coming out of the closest, and being LOUD and PROUD, and that’s YOU and ME. Peace Warriors united.

I’m so grateful to have you guys as my spiritual running buddies.


As the title suggests, let’s get to my first time… sex? No, it was awful – in all due respect to the beautiful man responsible for this, I still love you 🙂

Below you will find my first time EVER ‘spoken word’. Okay, my first attempt. I never said it was good, I just said it was my first time 🙂 Click the link or watch in the video below by clicking play. This spoken word is just one of many I will be posting here, and on my Youtube channel, so please subscribe for the latest videos, and follow me on Busker, you can search for me as: Samira Wyld.

These short videos will be taken from my collection of poems: ‘A Wyld Love Note’ which is reaching its final stages of pre-publication, expected to be released early 2017.

Woot! High five everyone!

I will let you know when it is up on Amazon as an e-book, and I will be making this collection affordable for everyone. This is super important to me, as I invite you to trace my journey through the dark, the light and the absurd of my scribblings. I want these words to touch you, reach you, save you, put a smile on your face, or allow the flood gate of tears to open up, and spill to the ground, or laugh ridunkously at the absurdity, or irony of it all. Let it out, let it all out, lovers, because I love you heart-emoji

Click PLAY below, and once you’ve seen my FIRST TIME EVER – leave me a comment or drop me a note on Facebook, snapchat, email, instagram,wherever you fancy. I always love hearing from you, because you rock!

Peace out ✌

xo Peace Warrior 

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2 thoughts on “My first time…

  1. Hey, Chickie 🙂 So happy to find you on YouTube. How awesome are you? So proud of you to share your art like this. I subbed. Have a great day. Michellina xo

    1. Hey beautiful, so fabulous having you here. And thank you for subbing. I will be back here doing things. Lots happening here. Big Love <3 xox

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