Look up…

Light at the end of the tunnel #wyldphotography
Light at the end of the tunnel

Hello lovers and wanderlusters. It’s been a few days since I said hi, and this post may even sound a bit random. I guess in some ways it is.

I’m writing as my brain thinks, which is pretty random – Huh! I already said that 🙂 So, I was listening to this great podcast, god remind me where? I can’t remember, goddammit, but meet Seth Godin, best selling author, marketer, entrepreneur, a blogger and a host of other cool things. Oh yeah, I remember where, the podcast was from Danielle La Porte, ‘The Beautiful Writers Podcast’ and you can listen to it here.

A few things in this podcast stood out for me:

  • If we wait for the right mood to strike we will never write. The key is to write and then write some more, then edit later. If writing were easy everybody would be doing it.
  • It’s hard to write, but because it’s hard is what makes it worth it. And you have to do it despite whether you are in the mood or not.
  • Write like you talk. So this is it people, I’m writing like I talk which can be all over the place, sometimes. This is why editing is useful, huh?

The other thing I really liked was this:

  • Seth writes every day.

Doesn’t every writer? We hear them say it, but do they really? Yes, I think for the most part writers do write every day in some form or another. I certainly do, but unless I’m blogging or making inroads into my current WIP then sometimes I consider myself slack and not writing.

Seth also had this to say:

  • Blog every day and if you don’t have a blog, start one, even if under another name, because it’s about accountability. If we know we have to blog tomorrow, another post will arrive.

And, I’m not entirely sure how I got writing on the Seth tangent (see, I write as I speak) random folks, I’m totally random.

What I really came here to say was this:

Look up! #wyldphotography
Look up!

Look up, people. Fucking look up. What is so wrong with us when all we do is look at our phone?

On the escalator, going up or down doesn’t seem to matter. Yes, I know this, because I’ve been watching you. Watching you glued to the phone while I’m commuting on the bus, and train. I’m aware of my surroundings, being present to what is, aware of you, that you are not aware.

Sometimes, I want to scream at you and say: ‘get off the fucking phone. You have to be at work soon enough, where you’ll be glued to the computer, answering emails, and the phone, so why the hell would you be doing it now?’

commute #wyldphotography

This commute time is precious to me. I’m outside in the world. The sky is blue, or grey or wet with rain. The air is cool, or hot against my skin. The smell of the city streets is rife with the scent of Jasmine in bloom, or the stench of last night’s rubbish bins just being emptied. Life around me is colourful, it’s bold and bright, and dark, and grey, and sad, and lonely, and happy, and joyful. It tastes of magick, and lust, and of dirt, and dust.


Last night #wyldphotography
Last night

Yes, this commute is vital to me. I need to breath it all into my senses. I want to feel awake. Alive. And yes, I watch you ride the escalator up or down, it doesn’t seem to matter with your gaze firmly fixed on your cell phone, texting, liking facebook posts or whatever the hell you find so important. Yes, I watch you and I wonder if you’ll stumble and fall. And then all I see in my minds eye is a phone with shattered glass, and a smashed up face lying next to it, wondering what the fuck just happened.

I watch you on the bus. I watch you on the train.

Escalating #wyldphotography

Blank robotic stares at a piece of glass that demands a status update on facebook, or a tweet, or an upload to instagram. That text you must send now, or that email that just cannot possibly wait til you hit the threshold of your workplace.

Yes, people, what is wrong with you?

FFS, look up and see what is around you. Right in front of you.


Dandelion Fountain #wyldphotography
Dandelion Fountain
Green #wyldphotography
Forgotten souls #awyldlovenote #sixwordstory #wyldphotography
Forgotten souls






Where the streets have no name... #wyldphotography
Where the streets have no name…










These few pix are just some of the things I see, which I capture through the camera lens, but the smell, the feeling, the essence belongs to me, and only me. That is sacred, and you can have that too, if you just look up.

Pssst:  I wrote this blog post in less than 1,000 words. Mission accomplished! Now, will I blog every day? I’d love to set the challenge with you to blog every day. Who’s in? Shall we do this together?

Come say hi and leave a comment below. I love hearing your perspective on things.

  • What’s your thoughts on being married to the cell phone?
  • Are you a writer?
  • Do you write/blog every day?

Come share your thoughts. Let’s get the party started…


Peace out ✌

xo Peace Warrior 

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