kiss-spoken-wordHey lovers,

I’ve uploaded a new video to youtube of another spoken word titled: KISS


It’s been a very busy week here at A Wyld Love Note headquarters, particularly on social media.  I’ve discovered the new social media platform of Busker and the community on there is quite amazing.  Been on most days and do a spoken word each evening at 9:30pm if you ever feel like coming on down and joining the Busker community download the app from iTunes 🙂

Enjoy and leave a comment below.

With love from my heart to yoursheart-emoji
Peace out 

xo Peace Warrior 

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5 thoughts on “KISS

  1. The raw passion starting slowly, engaging, capturing and before I knew it, I was locked-in. I couldn’t turn if off or even look away had I wanted to. The intensity of Kiss is mesmerizing. In some parts too intense, in others not intense enough leaving me wanting more in the next line. Then suddenly it’s over with a kiss. I loved it, thank you.

    1. Steve!! Thank you SO much for your beautiful feedback. I’m stoked it had this effect upon you. And so grateful to have your love and support as always. This means EVERYTHING! xox

    1. Hey gorgeous Kate. I just saw this. So sorry. I usually get a notification. Fabulous having you here. xox

      1. Aww, thanks Samira! I love your poems. They’re intensely heart felt, and passion driven. I love it.

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