Journey to the unknown – Day 1

Samira Wyld
An excerpt from Street Life…Read full poem below

‘Her ribs ache against the hunger pangs of eating yet another dry rice cracker. Its cardboard content does not warm her belly or fuel her spirit.
Her energy is low as nausea rises up threatening to spew bile from sleep deprivation and hunger.
Her head splits in two from swollen sinus of too many tears. Eyes resemble pinheads surrounded by swollen bruised lids.
The sight of a battered woman from the hands of a man’s violent fist.
Except this is no ordinary violence.
This is the battering of a woman worn down by life, by a lover filled with hate and rage that seeps into her bones.
Her light is fading.
The tunnel is dark.
She knows there is light. She’s on her knees. Pain screams up her thighs as she is reminded of the hard ground beneath her.
She prays for the light.
She prays for the light she cannot yet see.
~ Samira Wyld                             #awyldlovenote

This move, this change that is about to turn my world on its head, has been on my mind for awhile now. It’s been kind of inevitable, everything that has to happen has taken place in my mind a million times. Bags are packed, items sold, given away to charity and I am on the road. Yet, that’s where it’s all been. In my fucking head.

Processing, you say? Yep, okay, I’ll run with that. Today truly marked the beginning of Day 1 of this journey into the unknown because it’s no longer in my head! Yaaay! Okay, let’s not get carried away, I’m not exactly happy dancing yet. I still don’t know where I’m going. I just know I’m going, but what it looks like I have no idea.  Funny, I’ve had an inner knowing since September this year, and I tried, and tried to see what came after October, but nada, no card reading I did or asked for was going to tell me. Blank. Dark tunnel. I knew it was changing but didn’t know what it looked like and lucky me, I still don’t!

Why am I lucky? Coz if I knew, maybe I wouldn’t like what it looked like, so instead I’m putting one foot in front of the other, and moving furniture on, that I’ve grown quite fond of, and packing away things for someone else’s home as I won’t need them on the road.

This journey into the unknown if truth be known began all the way back in February this year, or maybe even earlier, but for arguments sake, let’s mark the 13th December, 2015 as Day 1 of the journey, because today, I packed away things, cleaned and organised furniture to be moved early this week.

My homely apartment is now unsettled, just like my soul.

She’s restless. She knows it will happen soon.

There’s quite a bit more to organise yet, but the suitcase, the laptop and the road is calling.

xo Peace Warrior 

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