Journey into the Wyld And Untamed

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Hey lovers and wanderlusters,

This is a quick update to let you know that I have a new blog up and running called Wyld And Untamed. You can find it by clicking here – this is where I will be tracking my journey to living with passion and doing what I love, and being of service along the way.

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  • My short story ‘Seduced by Colour’ erotic, romance fantasy set in the Mayan ruins of Palenque, Mexico will be available on Kindle over on Amazon by the 31st August if not before. I’m currently working on formatting and finding the most suitable cover. Researching this is probably taking longer than it took to write the god damn story LOL. Stay tuned 🙂
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In the meantime enjoy one of my latest poems from my Collection of Poetry
‘A Wyld Love Note’ due to be released later this year as an e-book and audio.

Until then my loves, stay sexy, stay wyld and be free.

Photo Credit: Wyld Photography







I’ve been trying to find the right words to say,
Nothing comes to me today,
You’ve been a part of my soul,
If only it were easy to go away.

I’ve loved you like no other,
Head bangs against the wall,
And the desire to smother,
Driving me away with cool contempt
that cannot break the fall.

How many times I’ve whispered into the night, ‘I love you,’
And held you so tight,
even though most times you were never there,
or here,
or care.

Leaving you always brings great sorrow,
Abandoned and shut out too many times,
No light for the morrow,
As the lies creep,
And weep,
Lay stagnant,
And steep,
In the well of spite,
Rage torn abreast,
Hopes of Love,
A life,
A bond,
a union ever blessed.

Shattered and torn,
of tired and tattered
hearts that mourn.

The longing beats on,
But cannot last,
Impossible to defeat,
or erase the memories of the past.

Solutions and remedies at the hands
outside of ourselves,
Torn beneath the skin,
Shredded and cut,
And bleeding,
The veins collapsing within.

Crushed hearts,
lost hearts,
Bruised bones,
and broken parts. ‘I love you.’
How can I not?
The lies and betrayal can never be forgot.

The wounds open,
raw and bloody,
Recklessness of ones life,
Destroys the ashes of
another’s burning desire,
For inclusion,
Of the seductive dance,
As two souls hold the fire,
We burn inside the hell we
created on the pyre.

@samirawyld #AWyldLoveNote

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Peace out 
xo Samira ~ Peace Warrior 

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4 thoughts on “Journey into the Wyld And Untamed

  1. Nice— Makes my poem I wrote in the 5Th grade of no comparison to your’s -Your a magnifient poet💯🔥😉🌎🏆👊

    She’s as pretty as a dove,
    The one I Love,
    Her hair may not be gold,
    But her smile is one to behold!

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