I wanna get drunk and fuck you up…

BURN – from A Wyld Love Note

Hey lovers and wanderlusters

Well how’s that for a title.  Yes, I’m baaaccckkk!  And we’re talking poetry, spoken word, self publishing, music and the list goes on.


The title lyrics are from my poem BURN which I shall post below.  I’m making a vow to blog at least once a week  (don’t worry I won’t be filling your email with spam) and will be uploading pix, poems and six word stories from the week that was in the world of A Wyld Love Note.

If you follow me on instagram you will see most of them there, but if you follow me here, I’ll aim to share and keep you updated on my self publishing progress, the life that is crazy, weird and all things in between.

NEWS: My short story ‘Seduced by Colour‘ will be published as an e-book by the end of July.  This is exciting people, and I’m so glad, and happy to be sharing it with you.  It’s a romance/fantasy/twist in the tale set in Mexico.  I’m currently working on formatting for Kindle upload on Amazon, and then I will need to source a cover image, and work on that. …And it’s already the 17 July.  Fucking  hell grrl, you say –  yep, I know better pull my finger out.

For those interested in Spoken Word come follow me on Periscope where I will perform my poetry at least once a week.  Yes, an audio book is also in the pipeline due for release around October, 2017.

And now, here is the promised poem:

Photo credit: Wyld Photography


I wanna get drunk,
and fuck you up,
Get high on love.

Taste the salt on your mouth,
Your blood seeps into my veins,
A match flames,
burning my skin.

Night air slips over my breast,
flesh prickles in anticipation,
I wanna get drunk
Fuck you up,
Get high on love.

Never come down,
buried in your deep embrace,
I breathe in your passion,
Lost in lust,
strike a RED hot match,
sucking in,
tasting orange upon my tongue.

Memories stir of high school sweethearts
wrapped up inside each other
in dark places.
This high.
This drunk.
Fucked up.
Doing the dance,
shadow boxing
with lust and desire,
Love and heartache,
pain and rage.


I wanna get drunk,
Fuck you up.
Get high on love.

Samira Wyld

Now, go have a fucking  awesome week and I’ll see you next time.
Wishing you much love.

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Peace out 
xo Samira ~ Peace Warrior 

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