Getting my head around the F word

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I had planned something different to write about today but as we all know plans are just plans, they don’t always work out. I find it’s best to just be organic and go with the flow. So today it’s all about the F word. What are you like with the F word?

I mean, well I hear a lot about this word called ‘Forgiveness’ which I tend to refer to as the fucking F word because I figure if you’re anything like me, you might be struggling to get your head around it too.

I was listening to a Gabrielle Bernstein lecture recently all about the F word and in it she mentioned that so long as we are willing to forgive that is enough. That really struck hard with me, because while I get forgiveness on a head level, my heart Sometimes. Just. Does. Not.

This affirmation is on my wall that I am forced to read everything day, until it finally sinks into my bones
Photo cred: Gabrielle Bernstem This affirmation is hanging up in my kitchen and bathroom and a reminder every day to work towards Forgiveness

I mean, the ego or the mean girl steps in and plots tasty morsels of revenge, or perhaps that’s the writer in me, Ooops, better save that for another story. Or I just want to stay plain angry FFS! Pass judgement, blame, hope the person who wronged me can’t sleep straight in bed at night, a whole myriad of things. But then I remember Gabby’s words. All you have to do is be willing.

In our willingness, we surrender to God, or the Divine, or the Uni-verse, whichever feels right for you and doing so, we move slowly but surely towards forgiveness. It may not happen straight away and may not be some grand gesture either, the other person may never even know that you have forgiven them.  Either way it doesn’t matter. Be WILLING, and eventually, it will take place, something will occur in your life at the precise moment and you will send love, copious amounts of pure unadulterated or unconditional love to the person or persons who wronged you and you will be set free.

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.” ~ ACIM

The metaphysical text, A Course in Miracles teaches, ‘The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.’



‘Forgiveness is something we allow. Remain willing to forgive and allow your inner guide to lead the way. All that is required is your willingness. Enjoy the happy gifts forgiveness offers you.’

The course guides us to understand that “forgiveness means ‘to give forth’. To give forth everything. To not hold on to anything. To let of of fear, guilt, and pain.” Each day, commit to choosing happiness over the ego’s need to be right. Forgiveness is the key to your happy relief. Excerpt from ‘May Cause Miracles’ ~ Gabrielle Bernstein

Just by showing up and being willing. Pure willingness from the heart, not some head perceived mumbo jumbo. Just pure heartfelt willingness is enough.

I’m still struggling with the F word, but I LOVE the idea and concept of being willing. I can do WILLING can you?

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