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  • two poems to be debuted on Periscope 9th August, 2017
  • the Wyld journey begins (read more below)

As of Saturday 5th August, I have made the steps to begin documenting my journey in the world of AWyldLoveNote. I don’t know about you, but last week was like being stuck in a dark hole with no escape, the darker it became, the deeper down I went, and I lovers, I honestly thought I was NEVER coming out.

However, good news!! On Saturday at 4pm, hair a mess, still not dressed, drinking coffee, feeling miserable, how much worse could I feel? I was heading back to bed, but I had the calendar marked for an event at the local art gallery.

Nope, I wasn’t going. It began at 5pm.

I look, and feel like shit, never gonna happen.

Now, lets just take a step back, as subconsciously this is what might have been happening for me or not. Who knows, doesn’t matter. Friday night I watched a stack of youtube videos by Gary Vaynerchuk and the one phrase that stuck out like FUCKING NEON lights was this:

‘Stop creating and start documenting.’

First thing stored in the memory bank.

After that, and a few wines later, I watched a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

I will claim that I am a minimalist as I’ve spent the majority of my life roaming around moving from house to house, town to town, country to country, and living out of one or two bags.

But…here’s the kicker!!

I’ve been collecting vinyl since I was 13, and only stopped collecting about 15 years ago. I LOVE vinyl, turntables, stereo amps and kick arse speakers. And somehow of all the roaming of this great planet, I have managed to hang onto them including photos (yep when we had real time photos) not digital, books, REAL books, hard backs, the entire collection of Stephen King up until 2010, an acoustic guitar, and a 100 year old German piano.

Yep you get the picture. No furniture or clothes, but nonetheless STUFF that I have no room for.

So where is it?

In a storage facility.

Watching the above documentary reminded me of how ludicrous it is to have storage facilities. I have no intention of being that settled at least for the next 5 years, and this is costing me money for something I haven’t seen, held, smelled, or played since my relationship break down of 21 years in 2012.

Fast forward…

it’s Saturday afternoon and I look at the clock (4pm) and something kicks in my brain and I google the event to see when it finishes. End time 7.30pm.

BAM. Fuck it, I’m going.

I threw myself in the shower, dressed, slapped on some makeup and headed out the door with the intention that I would actually know everybody. Fake it, til you make it? NO! In that moment, I was genuinely happy and knew everybody. I chatted to so many people, including local artists, took pix (shame I didn’t save them from snapchat) wandered around by self and then hooked up with two amazing women who live near me. Both artists.

Yay, to like minded people.

Photo credit: Wyld Photography
Art Gallery ~ Photo Credit: Wyld Photography
Photo Credit: Wyld Photography Samira Wyld ~ #sixwordstory








The event ends, and the three of us walk home together before stopping at the local pub. I carried with me the exact same attitude:  that I knew everyone.

Scott with Guitar ~ Photo Credit: Wyld Photography

Yep, the musician, the patrons including the bar staff. We rearranged the furniture to make space for dancing, basically took over the place and we had a BLAST. Our energy clearly rubbed off as the other patrons soon joined in with laughter and dancing.


So, the seed of ‘Stop creating and begin documenting’ seed had been planted and from Saturday began my Day 1 for at least the next 30 days of documenting my journey.  I go into more detail over here broadcast title: ‘Never Stop Wondering. Never Stop Wandering.

If you watch the above broadcast, I go into more detail about documenting my journey, reinvention or whatever you wish to call it.  There will be laughter, tears, scribblings, music and one thing I know for sure: Dancing.

This will be a very vulnerable time for me as I’m documenting every single day.  In the past, if I was having a bad day, I DID NOT go onto social media, but I’ve promised at least one outside snap per day, and some kind of update of where I am on my journey either on all 3 platforms, Instagram, snapchat, and periscope or at the very least one of them.  This could get super personal, but I’m putting myself out there.  If you are not already following me on any of the above, and would like to follow my journey, please click the links at the end of the post.

Now, what to call it. We did a brainstorming exercise on the busker app, so if you follow me on busker, or would like to, please click here to download and the broadcast is called: ‘Brainstorming – Day 3 of the journey #AWyldLoveNote

If you have some ideas of what to name my journey with Wyld in the title, I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below or email me.

You can also follow my journey over on Instagram stories , snapchat Username: samirawyld and Periscope

Anyways, enough ramblings from me this week. Look forward to hearing from you, and here’s a new poem 🙂

Photo credit: Wyld Photography


She bit her toes off one by one,
She didn’t even notice how the blood came to run,
It poured into the dirt she sat upon,
Turning to mud.
Muted feet.
Hobbled feet.
But she didn’t care,
for she had no intention,
of walking anywhere.

Samira Wyld #AWyldLoveNote

Until next time. Wishing you much love.

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Peace out 
xo Samira ~ Peace Warrior 

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