A laptop, a suitcase and a heart full of love & mystery in search of freedom

broken door

“I’m shaking as the door repeatedly slams against my weakening strength,  forcing itself open. There’s two locks, one is broken as the force on the other side pushes. The deadlock, the lock that protects me between this side of the door and the other is slowly pulling away from the wall. My panic is broken when I push, and push, and push against splintering wood and angry voices. I push so hard, the deadlock finally clicks back into place, back into locked position.  I yell, ‘Go away. Go away. Go away.’  And then it all stops. My voice lowers, and softens each time I repeat ‘go away’. The words now barely a whisper, ‘go away’ as I turn my back to the door and slide downwards into a heap on the floor, spine pressed into wood, and I wait for my heart to still again.” ~ Excerpt from beyond the veil of my dreams ~ Samira Wyld

Hi travellers, lovers and wanderlusters, the above is a snippet of my world beyond the veil. Sleeping the dark night away, entering realms of madness, sorrow and fear.

Welcome to my first ever post in my new cyber home ‘A Wyld Love Note’.

If I were to write organically the first word that comes to mind, it would be Fuck. My first sentence would be: The chaos. The madness that is shaping my life right now bury itself beneath the bones of death.

If I were to write in a structured thought out way, my first word would be Fuck. My first sentence would be: How did I get here? What led me to the chaos. The madness that is shaping my life?

That last sentence is really more a series of questions. And dear wanderlusters, lovers of words and life, hopefully I will get to answer these questions as I journal from my laptop, live out of my suitcase, and hit the road in a way that I have never hit the road before.

For those of you who know me well, know I am a nomadic spirit with a history of travelling, and unable to pin down for very long, even if at times, it’s appeared I’ve settled down, all grown up and put the travelling pants away. Never so, the travelling pants are never, ever put away. And for those who are new to me, let me take you on a journey that I, myself, have no idea of its destination, but am excited and passionate despite the obvious hardships I am currently facing, and may continue to face, until I find my way through the chaos, the madness, sorrow, and the bittersweet joy that is shaping my life.

“In this moment I feel as though I’ve learned everything, yet nothing!”

Am I the only one who feels this way? Somehow, I doubt it. Where are you in this journey called life? Come share your thoughts by leaving a comment below and come journey with me into the unknown, and see where this adventure takes us.

Much love ~ Peace out!
xo Peace Warrior 

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